Monday, July 15, 2013

Blogs and Epigraphs with Illustrations

St. Augustine Epigraph with Illustration



Moshe and Noya

The Promise

A Stance of Stillness

Black-and-White Elegance

A Holy Man

"One Who Trembles In Awe of God"

My Own Cherished Dream Came True In Their Life

I  Was Looking For A Balabusta

The Fifth Commandment

The Bachelor's Night

Success and Fast Failures


CHUPA Epigraph with Illustration


On the Road to Sacred Vows

The Reception

The Bride

The Most Tender Moment


Wedding Party a la Chareidi

Sheva Brachot


MLK Jr.  Epigraph with Illustration


Bracha H'shem, GruB Gott, Pagpalain Ka Ng Maykapal, Ojigi

Ari's Leap Of And To Faith

Promesse D'Amour

A Peaceable Ghost

Are You Religious?

Abraham Joshua Heschel:  My Jewish Saint of Ecumenism


Leo Tolstoy Epigraph with Illustration


A Bowl of Mitzvot

Postmodern Incarnation of a Mitzvah

These, I Believe

The Noblesse Oblige of Godliness

The Mojo of Piety

Universal Sacraments


Goethe Epigraph with Illustration




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