Thursday, May 16, 2013

About the Author

Maria Nolita M. Banda, MD

Hello fellow seeker:

I am ecstatic to offer you this my first book, as an emphatic voice to advent durable peace in our selves and abroad.  I am one who has always lived my life in unlabeled and uncategorised ways.  I was formed and shaped by a cauldron of differences, from the time I was conceived in the Philippines to my adulthood in the States.   Which has been further enriched by my acquaintances of different peoples in their local cultures in my extensive travels half-the-world over.  I have also lived part of my age of discretion in New York where I was exponentially nurtured in the thoughts, emotions, visuals, smells, textures and sounds of a veritable melting pot of races, religions, social strata, sexual orientations, cultural mores.  My profession as an obstetrician-gynecologist, first as a house-officer-in-training in Manila and then as a hospitalist in Syracuse,  has given me intimate occasions into diverse family dynamics and other remarkably challenging human relationships in both Third World and First World settings.  I have learned that we can peaceably overcome the demands of our differences if we could but dignify the beauty of our humanity in all its grit and glory.

I welcome further discussion and any questions - visit where your commentary can be posted.  Thank you.


Title Page


The Mojo Of Piety

Maria Nolita M. Banda, MD

Illustrated by Jessica Marie Banda-Smith
Foreword by John J. Ziegler, PhD