Friday, July 19, 2013

About this Book/ Summary

PAYAK is a collection of narratives and reflections by a pious Catholic Christian that evolved from attending an ultra-Orthodox Jewish marriage ceremony in Chareidi Country, the invitation for which was under the auspices of a beautiful friendship with an American-Jewish family.  Mystical insights  accrued which led to the development of the thesis that durable PEACE in one's self, in one's locality and in the world is achievable  through vital piety, the mojo of which is humility.  If every person, place, object and event, no matter how unfamiliar or diverse, is encountered in a stance of openness and innocence, violence in all its permutations can be averted. Holding our differences in reverence can antecede religious literalism.   Communication will be fluent even without words,  appreciation of the dignity of fellow human beings in their local contexts will make cognizant similar needs and longings,  good deeds become the currency of piety,  and every healthy goal will be possible with the audacity of Faith.